Eating Insects Detroit

On May 26-28, 2016, Detroit hosted at Wayne State University, a three-day, international, interdisciplinary conference on the topic of insects as food and feed. This was the first conference dedicated solely to edible insects to be held in the U.S.!

You can read their press release here.


  • Ana C. Day (4ento, Switzerland)
  • Meghan Curry (Bug Vivant)
  • Jarrod Goldin (Entomo Farms, Canada)
  • Paul Vantomme (FAO, Italy)
  • Jeff Tomberlin (Texas A&M Dept of Entomology)
  • Pat Crowley (Chapul)
  • Ricardo Carvajal)




  • Marianne Shockley
  • David George Gordon
  • Robert Nathan Allen
  • Kiah Brasch
  • Lee Cadesky (Canada)
  • Santtu Vekkeli (Finland)
  • Julia Plevin and Lucy Knops
  • Dominique Goulet (Canada)
  • Jaime Gaviria (Colombia)
  • Jakub Dzamba (Canada)
  • Megan E. Wilson
  • Anthony Hatinger
  • Kevin Bachhuber
  • Don Sudbrink, Jr.
  • Phillip Taylor
  • Sarah JS Wilner (Canada)
  • Francine McCullough
  • Johanna B. Kelly
  • Scott Breen
  • Francesca Lotta (Italy)
  • Nathan Preteiselle (Thailand)
  • Séverin Tchibozo (Benin)
  • JP Clement


  • Achille Schiavone (Italy)
  • Glen Courtright
  • Florian Nock (France)
  • Rachel Bergmans
  • Alison Kirkham
  • Geoffrey Tolle
  • Laura Shine
  • Cordelia Ebenebe (Nigeria)
  • Giovanni Sogari (Italy)
  • Jonas House (Netherlands)
  • Aaron Dossey
  • Ashleigh Ali
  • Laura Gasco (Italy)
  • Ellen Tetlow (UK)
  • John C. Schneider
  • Dave Gracer
  • Chuleui Jung (Republic of Korea)
  • Okpoko Valentine Obinna (Nigeria)
  • Cody Stubbs
  • Wendy Lu Magill
  • Melissa Baker
  • Robert O’Malley
  • Grant Vandenberg (Canada)


More details about the amazing program we had here.

If you have any other questions, about the NEXT conference, please reach out to Julie, the conference organizer, using the contact page.


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