4Ento Food News Roundup – Q4 2016
Long time no write! Freelancing and managing my teenage son’s schedule is exhausting but I am never to far away, and always committed to Edible Insects! I have continued to share with you over the social channels every piece of news or events (within my reach) in the past 3 quarters of 2016. I won’t be doing a summary of them as I fear it will take the “new” out of the newsletter. Instead, let’s focus on what is new. Is has been and exiting 2016 so far for our sector. Insect Detroit, the first international edible insect conference in the US[...]
4Ento Feed News Roundup – Q4 2016
It’s been a long time since we last visited your mailbox, but here I am passing by to keep you up to date on the #Insectbased world! You have heard me say before that the ento-feed sector is relatively quiet compared to the ento-food sector, but when it comes to closing deals and other achievements, HURRAH !! In 2016 the industry was riding high by winning the “DSM innovations award in Aquaculture”, acquisitions by big corporations like Intrexon and the formation of joint ventures with Darling Ingredients Inc !! Furthermore, gaining Regulatory approval for use in animal feed in Canada, as well as the world’s first[...]
Insecta 2016 Conference
PPM and ATB provide an international expert’s platform on insects as food, feed and non-food Topics Technical, commercial, ecological, political and ethical issues of insect utilization were discussed, in particular: Insects production systems Rearing substrate optimisation Established production systems Mass rearing systems, industrialisation Automation Application of insects as feed Nutrient composition Use for pets, in aquaculture and for farm animals Feed safety Utilization of insects as food Processing and fractionation Use in gastronomy and food retailing Food safety Evaluation of the use of insects Consumer acceptance Ecologic and economic assessment Status of legislation Ethical issues Non-food applications of insects Insect[...]

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