Insecta 2016 Conference

PPM and ATB provide an international expert’s platform on insects as food, feed and non-food


Technical, commercial, ecological, political and ethical issues of insect utilization were discussed, in particular:

Insects production systems

  • Rearing substrate optimisation
  • Established production systems
  • Mass rearing systems, industrialisation
  • Automation

Application of insects as feed

  • Nutrient composition
  • Use for pets, in aquaculture and for farm animals
  • Feed safety

Utilization of insects as food

  • Processing and fractionation
  • Use in gastronomy and food retailing
  • Food safety

Evaluation of the use of insects

  • Consumer acceptance
  • Ecologic and economic assessment
  • Status of legislation
  • Ethical issues

Non-food applications of insects

  • Insect biotechnology
  • Biopolymers
  • Waste management systems

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THIS TIME I GOT SOME GREAT HELP BEHIND THE CAMERA !! Thank you Steffi for the great pictures you took during the conference !! see more on their facebook page!


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