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4Ento is an awareness platform dedicated to promoting ento-projects and startups, and educating consumers on the emerging market of Edible Insects as a sustainable food & protein alternative.

We are committed to promoting and raising awareness on insects as a future alternative protein source.

Ana Day, founder 4Ento

Ana is a dynamic and resourceful designer and mover of solutions in a wide variety of scenarios. She is currently collaborating with entrepreneurs, leading experts and academics towards the dissemination of information and education on the potential advantages of entomophagy as a sustainable and responsible alternative food source.

Moved by what she saw as a critical necessity for the future, Ana founded 4Ento in 2013 with the goal of creating an education platform to act as a catalyst for finding global solutions to combat the threatening world nutrition crisis.

In 2014, she introduced the 4Ento Edible Insect Pavilion, a platform for trade shows that showcases up-and-coming startups and ento-partners who are shaping the industry — and the food of the future.

As an ECO-AMBASSADOR, Ana sees her role as a partner to startups, established businesses, NGOs and institutions in driving forward the Edible Insect Movement from niche to a mainstream, sustainable, responsible and accepted protein source for feed and food.

Connect with Ana on @AnaCDay on Twitter and on our 4Ento Facebook page.




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