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Under the umbrella of Women and Girls pursuing STEM fields, 4ENTO got invited to participate at  “Expanding your Horizons – Geneva” (EYH), their fifth biennial event for young girls. This amazing event is to encourage girls to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Of all the women that came before, to whom we owe their legacy and their courage to have stepped out and make a difference, I blog today, hoping to reach some of the girls (from the ages of 11 to 14 years attending the event),  girls that will become great women of the future. It is great to learn[...]
Some of the areas we can serve Through the development of the extensive information base, combined with participation in important face-to-face activities such as seminars, trade fairs, academic forums and industry associations, etc., in addition to our information service we feel we are uniquely qualified to provide significant input and leadership in “making things happen”, One on One soft intro to the insect-based or insect applied world (live w/ACD)   Some of these areas are: Available for workshops, conferences and talks Support to exhibitors at international industry tradeshows Development/ assessment and jumpstart efficient, economical and environmentally sound opportunities for nutritional[...]
En Français   ÉLEVER DES INSECTES : le ver de farine (= Ténébrion meunier) ÉLEVER DES INSECTES : le grillon domestique (Acheta domestica)  
Imago Generation   Care to be part of an IMAGO Generation? Uncomfortable….For some of us it is deeper than others, but we all have a relationship with Nature. Our world population continues to grow exponentially, putting accelerated demands on Planet Earth, our home, and just as past generations, in their ignorance, exploited nature by wiping out forests, so we are doing more of the same (just faster), polluting the soil and waterways, endangering ecosystems and causing species to become vulnerable or extinct. Fortunately, our Children, the children of today, are more environmentally aware, which is a good beginning, and are[...]
Insects for the planet   Why should you not worry about insects eating poop !!   Dead stuff: The secret ingredient in our food chain By John C. Moore TED-Ed
Fun Activities   Insect Activity Sheets Insect related activity sheets in pdf format for you to print and use by BugFacts Word Search: Bees Insect Body Parts Crossword: Insects Habitat Match Insect Checklist : Which have you seen? Download this great 4 page checklist by bugfacts!!   Submit your Edible Insect Ideas to LEGO How It Works !!!     Some Amazon items             Take the Animalcorner Insect Bug Test !!     WikiHow   How to Raise Grasshoppers: 8 Steps (with Pictures)   wikiHow to Take Care of and Breed Grasshoppers   wikiHow to Raise Your Own Crickets   wikiHow to Raise Mealworms[...]
Importance of Insects Insects are by far, the most common animals on our planet. More than 1.5 million species of insects have been named. This is three times the number of all other animals combined. Many are yet to be discovered. Insects pollinate many of our fruits, flowers, and vegetables. Don’t forget honey, beeswax, silk, and other useful products that insects provide. Many insects can eat a variety of foods including plants, fungi, dead animals, decaying organic matter. Insects are very important as primary or secondary decomposers. Without insects to help break down and dispose of wastes, dead animals and plants would accumulate in our environment and it[...]
Entomophagy…   …is a term of Ancient Greek origins, and means using insects as a source of food. It is exemplified by insects that eat other insects, birds, amphibians and mammals. Non-human animals that feed on insects are known as insectivores. The term also describes human insect-eating, which can be found in parts of North, Central and South America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. Insect-eating is uncommon, or even taboo in some societies.   Videos   Should We All Be Eating Insects?   Should we eat bugs? By Emma Bryce   Let’s Talk About Entomophagy by[...]
Long time no write! Freelancing and managing my teenage son’s schedule is exhausting but I am never to far away, and always committed to Edible Insects! I have continued to share with you over the social channels every piece of news or events (within my reach) in the past 3 quarters of 2016. I won’t be doing a summary of them as I fear it will take the “new” out of the newsletter. Instead, let’s focus on what is new. Is has been and exiting 2016 so far for our sector. Insect Detroit, the first international edible insect conference in the US[...]
It’s been a long time since we last visited your mailbox, but here I am passing by to keep you up to date on the #Insectbased world! You have heard me say before that the ento-feed sector is relatively quiet compared to the ento-food sector, but when it comes to closing deals and other achievements, HURRAH !! In 2016 the industry was riding high by winning the “DSM innovations award in Aquaculture”, acquisitions by big corporations like Intrexon and the formation of joint ventures with Darling Ingredients Inc !! Furthermore, gaining Regulatory approval for use in animal feed in Canada, as well as the world’s first[...]

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