Some of the areas we can serve Through the development of the extensive information base, combined with participation in important face-to-face activities such as seminars, trade fairs, academic forums and industry associations, etc., in addition to our information service we feel we are uniquely qualified to provide significant input and leadership in “making things happen”, One on One soft intro to the insect-based or insect applied world (live w/ACD)   Some of these areas are: Available for workshops, conferences and talks Support to exhibitors at international industry tradeshows Development/ assessment and jumpstart efficient, economical and environmentally sound opportunities for nutritional[...]
Bugs in Bangkok before Bugs in Europe!
This is a guest post from Nathan Preteseille. It is refreshing to see such young and talented Jeune homme standing up for the planet, with such work values and amazing fresh energy! Thank you Nathan. Ana C. Day Insects as Food and Feed constitute one of the major options for a future source of protein to feed our fast growing population expected to reach about 9 billion in 2050 : at AETS in Bangkok where I am working in this field, it has been understood and there is an increasing move and development to the Ento way ! It has been especially highlighted during the last[...]
Insights From The Food Innovation Summit Brussels 2015
Last week I was asked to take part in a panel on Meat Consumption Disruption at the inaugural Food Innovation Summit 2015, in Brussels. It was an amazing and inspiring opportunity to hear about the latest innovations in the food industry, as well the challenges and issues we face concerning food security and more sustainable future in food sourcing and production. We captured insights and impressions from the summit in this Storify. Below are a few takeaways and ideas from the sessions I attended. Phil Hogan, EU commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Keynote speech: Ensuring sustainable food security despite climate and natural resource scarcity: a[...]

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