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4Ento Feed News Roundup – Q4 2016
It’s been a long time since we last visited your mailbox, but here I am passing by to keep you up to date on the #Insectbased world! You have heard me say before that the ento-feed sector is relatively quiet compared to the ento-food sector, but when it comes to closing deals and other achievements, HURRAH !! In 2016 the industry was riding high by winning the “DSM innovations award in Aquaculture”, acquisitions by big corporations like Intrexon and the formation of joint ventures with Darling Ingredients Inc !! Furthermore, gaining Regulatory approval for use in animal feed in Canada, as well as the world’s first[...]
Is FAO turning its back on Edible Insects?: FAO’s Senior Forestry Officer Paul Vantomme retires!
Who doesn´t know Paul? The man behind Edible Insects to whom we look for advise and support! A personality in his own right, who has managed to create an amalgam between industry and academia, always making sure the sector will get to move forward. Well, after 25 years of FAO service, our guiding star takes his well-deserved retirement February 1st and I want to invite you to take two minutes to let him know how much his support and knowledge meant to you and your business or project over these years !! Thanks Paul for your #edibleinsect knowledge and support[...]
4Ento Feed News Roundup: End of 2015
Insects as an alternative for feed is slowly moving into the spotlight, and we hope that all the awareness will only increase at #COP21 this month in Paris! It will help business, government and public bodies to finally identify and acknowledge InsectMeal/InsectProtein as a sustainable alternative … bringing profitable business opportunities and partnerships for us all! Ento Content Switzerland (french) – Une start-up de Genève lance son usine à insectes Entreprises Entomeal s’est allié avec un géant des insectes pour créer en Suisse un élevage de mouches dédié à la consommation animale. (South Africa) – The Circulars 2016 Finalist – AgriProtein Technologies South Africa Good[...]
4Ento Food News Roundup: September 2015
September was an exciting month in the edible insect world with a lot going on in terms of legislation (Europe is close to approving a new novel foods law). Not only that, but we have a whole range of blog posts, publications, upcoming events (local and online) and a new category this month: Crowdfunding. We want to highlight the efforts of up and coming  edible insect entrepreneurs and help raise funds with your support, so don’t forget to check out those! Ento Posts September ended with a “one of the kind” event at the EU Parliament – a Demonstration of Novel[...]
Insectpreneurs Series: Gil Berholz from Co-Prot
Today we are going to learn about the Insectpreneur story behind Co-Prot. Co-Pro was founded by Gil Berholz, who was educated in both agricultural science and agribusiness,  and has extensive experience in agri-trade and export industry. In order to supply the growing insect-based animal protein feed business, Co-Prot was established with a focus on South East Asian markets. I have followed Gil’s adventures since the beginning, 2 preparation months and the opening  of their pilot facility on 0.4 hectare in Siem Reap, the Kingdom of Cambodia.   His overcoming some difficulties and managing to get the breeding cycle started, his energy on looking for partners and[...]
4Ento Feed News Roundup: August 2015
Summer slow things down a bit but it always nice to read that Insect-based feed is still appearing in the news So let’s get on with the show! Ento News A Startup That Feeds Fly Larvae To Livestock… And Other New Cleantech Startups Debuted At Google[x]. “Prota Culture produces biodiesel and animal feed from organic waste.” French Ynsect being featured on Tech. eu as 1 of the 10 agritech startups See which companies are making a splash in the Agritech industry in Europe. Dutch Protix Awarded Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum “As a Technology Pioneer, Protix aims to help shed light[...]
4Ento Feed News Roundup: July 2015
Welcome to another monthly roundup of the best Ento content. It is great to see that a lot of innovative and successful Ento Feed companies are making it into the news on a regular basis, helping to spread the word and move us closer to a more sustainable future. Ento News First four-star BAP shrimp for Latin America Seajoy & Cargill are working towards improving feeding efficiencies as well as minimizing fishmeal requirements. They are in the second phase of testing an insect meal that we expect will replace 75% to 100% of fishmeal sources. AgriProtein announces creation of world’s largest[...]
4Ento Feed News Roundup June 2015 – Part 2
Some additions to the original post of Ento Feed news for June 2015. Ento Posts Switzerland: Enterra Forms Joint Venture in Switzerland  “Enterra and Entomeal have been working in collaboration since 2014 to establish sources of traceable, pre-consumer food inputs required for a new facility that will have a capacity to treat 36,000 tonnes per year of waste organics, with expansion plans to 54,000 tonnes per year in the second year of operation. The joint venture is currently limited to Switzerland and will operate under the name of BSF Farms S.A. based in Geneva. “ China: Let the flies help! “The southern Chinese city of Guangzhou[...]
Business Opportunities Within Edible Insects 2015 – An Industry Report
The edible insect market is flourishing and there are already a number of companies out there pushing the boundaries in the industry. In fact, even though most consumers may not yet realize it, there are already edible insect products on the shelves (both physical and virtual). However, despite these amazing achievements, there is still a long way to go in order to bring mainstream business and consumers on board. So we at 4Ento are grateful to have teamed up an amazing marketing agency called Invenire to dig deep and uncover all the facts on the edible insect market. The plan…an in-depth industry report[...]
4Ento Feed Roundup – June 2015
This week we are taking a look at some of the exciting news, blog posts, podcasts and articles that have hit the internet in the last month. The post is split up into categories and you can click directly to what you are most interested in via the Table of Contents on the right. If you have anything you want to add, or include in the next edition be sure to let me know. Ento Feed Posts 4Ento – Pet Food Challenges – And Why We Need to Change by Me! A detailed look at what we are putting in[...]

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