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Bugs in Bangkok before Bugs in Europe!
This is a guest post from Nathan Preteseille. It is refreshing to see such young and talented Jeune homme standing up for the planet, with such work values and amazing fresh energy! Thank you Nathan. Ana C. Day Insects as Food and Feed constitute one of the major options for a future source of protein to feed our fast growing population expected to reach about 9 billion in 2050 : at AETS in Bangkok where I am working in this field, it has been understood and there is an increasing move and development to the Ento way ! It has been especially highlighted during the last[...]
4Ento Food News Roundup – Q4 2016
Long time no write! Freelancing and managing my teenage son’s schedule is exhausting but I am never to far away, and always committed to Edible Insects! I have continued to share with you over the social channels every piece of news or events (within my reach) in the past 3 quarters of 2016. I won’t be doing a summary of them as I fear it will take the “new” out of the newsletter. Instead, let’s focus on what is new. Is has been and exiting 2016 so far for our sector. Insect Detroit, the first international edible insect conference in the US[...]
Is FAO turning its back on Edible Insects?: FAO’s Senior Forestry Officer Paul Vantomme retires!
Who doesn´t know Paul? The man behind Edible Insects to whom we look for advise and support! A personality in his own right, who has managed to create an amalgam between industry and academia, always making sure the sector will get to move forward. Well, after 25 years of FAO service, our guiding star takes his well-deserved retirement February 1st and I want to invite you to take two minutes to let him know how much his support and knowledge meant to you and your business or project over these years !! Thanks Paul for your #edibleinsect knowledge and support[...]
4Ento Food News Roundup: End of 2015
Welcome to the last roundup of 2015! This month brings us a flood of crowd funding campaigns, showing how much the Ento world is booming right now. So head on over to the ones that take your fancy, and help them reach their goals. Even a small donation can really help. There are also some inspiring new TEDx talks, some interesting publications and of course our in-depth coverage of the new changes to the EU Laws. Ento Posts The most exciting thing to happen in the insect world all year – a decision from the EU on allowing insects as[...]
Europe Agrees to Allow Insects as Food
Exciting things are afoot in the Insects as Food arena, especially in Europe! As you may recall from our previous article on this topic, the topic of including insects in people’s diets has been a big discussion in Europe. While more that 2 billion people worldwide already include insects in their daily diet, both the United States and Europe have concerns when it comes to allowing the use of insects as food. As we all know, there are many amazing benefits to eating insects, including comparable protein by weight to more popular options such as turkey and fish. This, along with the fact that farming insects also takes[...]
The importance of Social Media for edible insects … The Story Behind 4Ento’s Online Presence!
Every business wants to be successful, and in today’s world that usually means both online and offline (aka “the real world”). The problem is that although most of us use the internet all day, every day, and often think we are website or social media experts (Facebook anyone?). However, in reality, making an impact on the internet is far harder than you may realise. So in this post I want to show you what it takes to grow your business online, achieve your goals and get the help you need to succeed! 4Ento’s History I have long been a very active member of[...]
4Ento Food News Roundup: August 2015
Summer is almost over, but that does not mean the Ento world slows down. There is more happening than ever, and all over the world. I hope you enjoy the latest in Ento Food, and if you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to get in touch. Ento News From Around The World Switzerland consecrated a space to Swiss Entomophagy in august. An extended overview of the issues to be resolved, and the passion and commitment from companies like ESSENTO & serious breeders like ENTOMOS ! Read about numerous subjects including the Lobby side with the liberal Green party lawmaker from Canton Vaud, Isabelle Chevalley , She is[...]
Insectpreneur Series: Interview with Dr Aaron T. Dossey of All Things Bugs LLC
  In this month’s edition of our Insectpreneur Series we have another great interview lined up with Dr Aaron T. Dossey of All Things Bugs LLC! Dr. Dossey and his team are creating some of the highest quality Finely Milled Whole Cricket Powder in the industry, and at a large scale. And as we all know, cricket powder is one of the most useful and versatile ingredients in the edible insect food range. So without any further ado, let’s dive into the interview with Dr. Dossey! What sparked your interest in insect based protein alternatives? I’ve always been fascinated by insects. I’m[...]
4Ento Food News Roundup: July 2015
As the year progresses, I am seeing more and more Ento-related news. As a result, this month’s Food Roundup is a big one! But again, it is organised for your pleasure and easy to navigation with the table of contents on the right. I hope you enjoy the latest in Ento Food, and if you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to get in touch. Ento News The Economist seeks readers by offering them insect-laced ice cream The month started with a Original initiative from the “Economist” in the UK. Exploring the Brave New World of Insect-Based Ingredients! A[...]
4Ento Food News Roundup: June 2015
  The Ento industry never stands still, and this month we have an amazing, globe-covering list of posts, articles, videos and more. So go grab a coffee, and move to your favorite armchair for some Ento-filled news! Ento Articles Edible Insects on every corner of the planet!! Is has been a great month for edible insects in the news, from Australia to Costa Rica or from Israel to Colombia! Then, passing by Italy, Switzerland and the United States! Australia: Crickets are Like Tofu, They Absorb Flavor – A Woman Supplying Restaurants with Edible Insects An Entrepreneur(ess) in Sydney is supplying bugs[...]

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