Some of the areas we can serve

Through the development of the extensive information base, combined with participation in important face-to-face activities such as seminars, trade fairs, academic forums and industry associations, etc., in addition to our information service we feel we are uniquely qualified to provide significant input and leadership in “making things happen”,

  • One on One soft intro to the insect-based or insect applied world (live w/ACD)


Some of these areas are:

  • Available for workshops, conferences and talks
  • Support to exhibitors at international industry tradeshows
  • Development/ assessment and jumpstart efficient, economical and environmentally sound opportunities for nutritional insecurity prevention. (Feed & Food)
  • Study, evaluate and develop economic opportunities for local governments and small entrepreneurs in the Management of the municipal solid waste sector (Sanitation).



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Work & Contribution


Vitafoods Geneva 2014