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TED Talks.
It's Time we Put Bugs
in our Pantry

Alex Drysdale | TEDxWinnipeg
Tales from the Crypt: Harvesting Death for Humanity's Benefit
Jeffery Tomberlin | TEDxTAMU
Why we love to eat bugs and why you should too
Roberto Flore & Afton Halloran | TEDxLUISS
Insects Are Our Future

Nanna Roos | TEDxCopenhagen
Let’s reinvent our food!
Marco Ceriani | TEDxVerona
Bugs Save the World
Glen Courtright | TEDxFurmanU
Eating insects
Peter De Batist | TEDxFlanders
Eating Bugs
David Gracer | TEDxCambridge 2010
Le criquet,
le nouveau homard ?
Julia et Sarah Berdugo | TEDxParisSalon
Changer la production alimentaire à pas de mouches
Raphaël Smia | TEDxParis
Can Crickets Save the World
Leslie Ziegler at TEDxHackney

What if this device could change your eating habits?
Katharina Unger | TEDxVienna
Hopping vs Hoping
Ana Day at TEDxAmRingSalon

Why eating bugs will soon become the new normal
Jenny Josephs at TEDxSouthhamptonUniversity
Entomophagy - Edibles Bugs are a Healthy and Sustainable Food
Wendy Lu McGill at TEDxRiNo
Why I Love Eating Insects and Why You Will Too
Búi Aðalsteinsson at TEDxReykjavik
Entomophagy in our world
Charles Spence
at TEDx City University London
Bugs for life.
Craig Macfarlane
at TEDx University of Edinburgh
Eating Insects
Pat Crowley at TEDxZwolle
What to Feed Our Food
Kathryn Redford at TEDxBCIT
Recipe for the Future
Marian Peters at TEDxMaastricht
Alternative Protein
Kevin Bachhuber at TEDxYoungstown
Are insects the future of food?
Megan Miller at TEDxManhattan
Eating Insects
Arnold van Huis at TEDxEde
Putting 'eco' back into economics
Ruud Kleinpaste at TEDxChristchurch
Why not eat insects?
Marcel Dicke
Eat less meat, more bugs
Florence Dunkel
at TEDxBozeman
Can eating insects solve global
issues in an ever-changing world?

Pat Crowley at TEDxSaltLakeCity
Why you should eat my six legged livestock
Laetitia Giroud at TEDxMadrid
Farming Insects for food
Shobhita Soor at TEDxYouth@Montreal
The cricket revolution
Bastien Rabastens
Don't bug out - challenging food taboos . Lucy Freeman & Jirina Fargeorge at TEDxQuinnipiacU

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