Edible Insects: Nutritional Ingredients are Moving Beyond Traditional Offerings

Protein alternatives worm their way onto the dinner plate

Demand is increasing for protein alternatives, source of ingredients and superfoods. Will traditional protein sources be replaced by a cheaper and more sustainable source such as insects?

Insects are nutrient-rich and a great source of protein, and around two billion people worldwide already include insects as part of their diet.

With the world population projected to grow to around 9 billion by 2050, it is essential to develop different protein sources. Over 1,000 species of edible insects currently exist, including water beetles, wasps and larvae.

Ana Day, powered by cricket protein powderAna Christina Day, Founder & CEO of 4ento, and exhibitor at Hi Europe 2014, shares:

“It only takes 1 litre of water to produce 1 kilo of crickets, in comparison to 22,000 litres of water to produce 1 kilo of beef, making insects not only a great source of protein and minerals, but highly sustainable.”

First published on news.ubm.com. You can read the rest of the press release here.

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