4Ento Feed Roundup – June 2015

4Ento Feed Roundup June 2015

This week we are taking a look at some of the exciting news, blog posts, podcasts and articles that have hit the internet in the last month.

The post is split up into categories and you can click directly to what you are most interested in via the Table of Contents on the right.

If you have anything you want to add, or include in the next edition be sure to let me know.

Ento Feed Posts

4Ento – Pet Food Challenges – And Why We Need to Change

by Me!

A detailed look at what we are putting in our pet’s food, how the food is farmed and why we need to consider change. It’s time to seriously evaluate all food and feed related industries, and insects could just be one of the best options to look for.

Black Soldier Flies as Recyclers of Waste and Possible Livestock Feed

By Harvey Black

“If black soldier fly larvae could enter competitive eating contests, they would excel, especially when it comes to eating nasty stuff that we don’t want around or wouldn’t think of eating ourselves. Then, after the larvae had eaten, they could be recycled as feed for livestock, although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration currently prohibits that.”

The Piscivore’s Dilemma

by Tim Zimmermann

The oceans are in serious trouble, creating a tough question for consumers: Should I eat wild fish, farmed fish, or no fish at all? The author, a longtime student of marine environments, dove into an amazing new world of ethical harvesters, renegade farmers, and problem-solving scientists. The result: your guide to sustainably enjoying nature’s finest source of protein.

PAPs, nitrites, insect feed and mycotoxins: Commission reveals feed legislation roadmap

by Jane Byrne for FEED Navigator

“What is the EU regulatory timeline looking like around the use of processed animal protein (PAP) in poultry and pig feed? We reveal that and more after catching up with key policymakers in Brussels.

Ento Competitions

Who said the insect industry can’t have any fun! Why not join in with a little healthy competition and help develop the insect feed industry, or just pass the information on to someone you know who could make a difference!

PROteInsect Engineering Competitions

PROteINSECT recently launched a competition to develop a low (or zero) energy preservation method for fresh (live) maggots.

Deadline: 17:00 CET on July 31. 2015

More Information: Find more information about the Terms and Conditions as well as the registration Form on their website.

Ento Industry Membership

Join some of your fellow Insectpreneur with a membership that could make a huge difference to your business.

IPIFF – International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed

IPIFF is a non-profit organisation founded in 2013. They represents the interests of the insect breeders of all kinds (food or feed). associated to this organisation.

Take a look at their vision, mission and objectives and become a member of a growing community!

Ento Papers, Journals & New Releases

Investigation of the available technologies and their feasibility for the conversion of food waste into fish feed in Hong Kong

Written By: Jack Y. K. Cheng, Irene M. C. Lo
Published by: Spring International Publishing

Cost: $39.95 / €34.95 / £29.95

From environmental nuisance to environmental opportunity: housefly larvae convert waste to livestock feed

Written By: Hannah H.E. van Zantena, b, Herman Mollenhorsta, Dennis G.A.B. Oonincxc, Paul Bikkerb, Bastiaan G. Meerburgb, Imke J.M. de Boera

Published by: Science Direct

Cost: $39.95

Insect proteins—a new source for animal feed

Written By: Andreas Stamer

Published by: Wiley Online Library / Science

Cost: Wiley Library Membership Required

Ento Podcasts

Recycling Food Waste With Flies – Featuring Agriprotein

Commentary by: Kevin James

“A fly farming facility in the Western Cape is recycling food waste into animal feed. This is a game changing business, home grown by local entrepreneurial brothers, Jason and David Drew. They have been doing research and development over the last five years at their Stellenbosch test facility, where they were processing 10 tonnes of food waste a week into animal feed.

How maggots can save the world and make this man millions -Featuring AgriProtein

Commentary by: Jason Drew, Co-Founder of AgriProtein

“The world’s first commercial waste to protein fly farm is nearing completion in Cape Town and by “herd size” will be the largest farming operation on the planet.”

That is all for this month. I hope you found lots of ento goodness to read, listen to, share and enjoy.

And once again, if you have something you think we missed, or want to include in the next roundup, be sure to let me know.

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