Business Opportunities Within Edible Insects 2015 – An Industry Report

Edible Insects Industry Report

The edible insect market is flourishing and there are already a number of companies out there pushing the boundaries in the industry.

In fact, even though most consumers may not yet realize it, there are already edible insect products on the shelves (both physical and virtual).

However, despite these amazing achievements, there is still a long way to go in order to bring mainstream business and consumers on board.

So we at 4Ento are grateful to have teamed up an amazing marketing agency called Invenire to dig deep and uncover all the facts on the edible insect market.

The plan…an in-depth industry report which will most likely be 40-50 pages long.

What Will You Gain From Reading This Report?

This report will provide you a snapshot of the current situation within the edible insects industry:

  • the current consumer products, players, characteristics and challenges to be solved
  • the competitive situation within a few markets relevant for edible insects now and in the near future; bars and snack products as well as protein ingredients
  • insight, understanding and practical suggestions on how the edible insects market could grow into a more mainstream market and have a wider sustainability impact

Who is This Report For?

In case you are wondering if this is a report for you, here are the kinds of people and companies we think will benefit greatly from it:

  • Companies already in the edible insects market or wishing to enter it
  • Other food industry and ingredient companies who are assessing possibilities within edible insects
  • Edible insect advocates and lobbyists
  • Investors wishing to gain insight into the edible insects market development
  • Anyone interested in an example of how to create a sustainable business

What’s in the report?Human-protein-Insects

Well, the report is not ready yet, but here are a few of the topics that you will find once it is:

  • Challenges to be solved
  • Marketing mindset – a shift may be needed to achieve goals
  • Gaps in the market
  • Potential consumers for edible insect products
  • How will the market for edible insects grow?
  • What next? Practical tips for insect-based food companies

How Can You Get Hold of (or Simply Support) This Report?

Invenire is crowdfunding this report so it is easy for anyone to get access to it, and help support it from the ground up.

It is being hosted on Indiegogo, a popular and easy to use crowdfunding platform and there are a number of ways for you to participate.

Go to Indiegogo to support this report and participate in the future of edible insects.

Pre-order your copy First mover – the 5 first contributors receives the a 20% discount!


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