4Ento Food News Roundup: June 2015

4Ento News Roundup June 2015


The Ento industry never stands still, and this month we have an amazing, globe-covering list of posts, articles, videos and more.

So go grab a coffee, and move to your favorite armchair for some Ento-filled news!

Ento Articles

Edible Insects on every corner of the planet!!

Is has been a great month for edible insects in the news, from Australia to Costa Rica or from Israel to Colombia! Then, passing by Italy, Switzerland and the United States!

Australia: Crickets are Like Tofu, They Absorb Flavor – A Woman Supplying Restaurants with Edible Insects

An Entrepreneur(ess) in Sydney is supplying bugs to local restaurants, after gaining recognition on Shark Tank. Her aim is to raise awareness of edible insects and their benefits.

Costa Rica: IFTSA Finalists Using Food Science and Edible Bugs

(Article in Spanish)

The Institute of Food Technologists in Costa Rica has developed a competition called Solutions Development and the winners this year involved a lot of edible insects!

Israel: Israeli Start-up has Novel Approach for Grasshopper Shakes

This startup is taking a new approach in the market and using grasshoppers in protein shakes and delivering to the ever-protein hungry fitness industry.

Colombia: Don’t Eat The Story, Eat Insects 

(Article in Spanish)

A look at what is happening in some of the countries that are struggling to get insects into the food market: Colombia and Switzerland.

Italy: Edible Insects Controvery at The Food Expo

Edible Insects, like in the above article, are still struggling to be accepted throughout the world. And sometimes this ends in confusion…

Yes, this is one small step back for a Edible Insects, one giant leap back for foods of the future: Italian authorities seized all insect products from the Belgian and Dutch pavilions.

Switzerland: Insects proposed for sale in Swiss supermarkets!

Insects could be legally for sale in Swiss supermarkets starting next year, after the federal food safety and veterinary office (BLV) proposed the commercialization of three insect species.

United States: 7 Reasons to Eat Insects

A video/article combination on 7 important reasons people should be eating insects.

“Pestaurant” Did It Again ! 

The aim of Pestaurant is to raise awareness around the health benefits of eating insects! They have returned bigger and better this year, appearing in 12 different countries worldwide!

At each venue they have served a range of edible insects and pest inspired treats, including roasted mealworms and locusts, scorpion lollipops and local pest dishes.

Ento Academic Papers

Wageningen Academics keeps feeding the us with amazing papers like these three below:

Notes from the ‘Insects in a gastronomic context’ workshop in Bangkok, Thailand

African edible insects for food and feed: inventory, diversity, commonalities and contribution to food security

Entomophagy – why should it bug you? The ethics of insect production for food and feed

Ento Presentations

Professor Van Huis will be talking at The Future of Animal Products in the Human Diet Conference 

Ento Videos

ZEF presents Director Christian Borgermeister on Insect-based Food

Why I Love Eating Insects and Why You Will Too | Búi Aðalsteinsson


Ento Crowdfunding News

MICRONUTRIS Crowdfunding (In French)

Our french peers from MICRONUTRIS are aiming for 500.000 Euros.

4Ento and Invenire – An Edible Insect Industry Report

Invenire is crowdfunding this report so it is easy for anyone to get access to it, and help support it from the ground up.

We are so grateful to this amazing marketing & commercialization Agency for have chosen our Edible Insects Industry for this report and for supporting 4ento so we can continue to give edible insects a voice!

Go to Indiegogo to support this report and participate in the future of edible insects or Pre-order your First mover copy – the 5 first contributors receive  a 20% discount!

Help us create the first and most in-depth Edible Insect industry report. Any contribution is welcome.

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