4Ento Feed News Roundup: July 2015

4Ento July Feed Roundup

Welcome to another monthly roundup of the best Ento content.

It is great to see that a lot of innovative and successful Ento Feed companies are making it into the news on a regular basis, helping to spread the word and move us closer to a more sustainable future.

Ento News

First four-star BAP shrimp for Latin America

Seajoy & Cargill are working towards improving feeding efficiencies as well as minimizing fishmeal requirements. They are in the second phase of testing an insect meal that we expect will replace 75% to 100% of fishmeal sources.

AgriProtein announces creation of world’s largest Fly farm operation

“AgriProtein has announced today that it has selected North America as the location to build the world’s largest fly farming operation. The first three facilities alone will house more than 30 billion flies. By headcount this will be the largest farming operation on the planet.”

Learn More About What AgriProtein Are Doing With MagMeal

Latest research on insects for animal feed

Once more All About Feed dedicates a space to Insects as an alternative to Animal Feed!

How does EU research & innovation promote a smarter food chain?

Great to see PROteINSECT on the European Commission ’s Website in their interactive presentation.

Note: They are mentioned in the 4th slide.

French Food Startup Aims To Sell “Insect Meat” Around The World

Ynsect and Antoine Hubert with Mealworms keeps leading the news in Europe !

More information in French.

Good Ento Reads

What the Latest Avian Flu Epidemic Teach to Insect Farmers? by lkka Taponen

Discover why insect farmers need to be aware of pathogen risks and they damage they can potentially do to farms.

Insect Feed Could Be the Next Frontier in Animal Agriculture

Bugs may offer an environmentally friendly alternative to soy and fishmeal when it comes to feeding livestock

Chloe's TreatsYour Dog Should Eat Crickets… Yes, Crickets – But It’s Not What You Think by Dr. Kathryn Primm

More and more great pet feed products are appearing in the market – featuring Chloe’s Treats

Ento Papers, Journals New Releases

Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in the black soldier fly, Hermetia illucens and effects on its life cycle

“Abstract … In developing countries, effective waste management strategies are constrained by high collection costs and lack of adequate treatment and disposal options. The organic fraction in particular, which accounts for more than 50% of the waste production, constitutes a great, yet mostly neglected, reuse potential. Concomitantly, the demand for alternative protein sources by the livestock feed industry is sharply…..”

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INVENIRE – The Report on business opportunities within edible insects 2015 is ready

Learn more from Patricia Wiklund on why this is so important.
We really want to thank them for their amazing work and the priceless support they have shown 4ento and the Edible Insect Industry

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