The importance of Social Media for edible insects … The Story Behind 4Ento’s Online Presence!

The Importance of Social Media for Edible Insects

Every business wants to be successful, and in today’s world that usually means both online and offline (aka “the real world”).

The problem is that although most of us use the internet all day, every day, and often think we are website or social media experts (Facebook anyone?). However, in reality, making an impact on the internet is far harder than you may realise.

So in this post I want to show you what it takes to grow your business online, achieve your goals and get the help you need to succeed!

4Ento’s History

I have long been a very active member of the Ento community, spreading the word wherever I can about the benefits of insects for our food and feed.

I go into more detail about my reasons for this in my recent TED talk in Vienna, but suffice to say I am very motivated to promote Ento related ideas and businesses.

Before this website was relaunched, I was already busy online, mainly through my Scoop.it page and some social media channels (Twitter and Facebook). Here I received a lot of support and want to take this opportunity to thank those who have followed me during those early days.

My concern was however, that things were not growing fast enough, and that there was no real hub online for Ento related information and people.

The Goal: Creating A Successful Ento Hub on The Internet

Building on my hard work over the years with various Ento Events, relationships, and Scoop.it, last year I realised that it was necessary to take things to the next level online.

As many of you know, I have a passion for sharing my Entomophagy based knowledge, information, connections, startups and everything else in the Ento world. And when it comes down to it, there is only so much you can do in person and in any given year.

So, in order to help promote the Ento cause, build a solid online community, and also a consulting business on the side, I set out to relaunch 4Ento.

The Challenge

Of course, having an idea is one thing, but understanding the online world today is another thing altogether. So from the very beginning I knew I needed help to do things correctly and with impact.

I am lucky enough to count a talented digital marketer, Kelly Hungerford, as a close friend, so was able to understand the landscape a bit from the word go.

I quickly learned that in order to be successful online you need a number of elements in place:

  • a modern, mobile responsive, easy to use website
  • relevant and high quality content
  • optimized website content that appears on Google
  • social media sharing and networking

and all of this helps to spread the word, create connections, business opportunities and bring potential clients or customers to the website.

Putting the Pieces Together

It is not always possible to get one person who can do everything, but I have been fortunate to have contacts who know what they are doing.

Kelly, who many of you will have met at various 4Ento stands at events, was my digital strategy advisor in the first phase of the project.

Jose Alemany took my ideas and vision and created a website platform which is now 4Ento as you know it.

Ashley Faulkes from Mad Lemmings, who is still working with me today, advises me on content ideas, creation, images, email newsletter creation and performs his SEO magic that gets us high on Google.

How It All Works Online

Many of you will already have a website or are thinking of creating one, but keep in mind that this is only the first step.

The website is your home base online, and where you want people to come back to.

And although this is a great start for any business, it is rarely enough in today’s online world.

Instead, you need to constantly create in-depth, helpful content that will bring people back to your site. The kind of content that will get shared on social media, another area I have learned a lot about.

The aims for your content (eg. blog posts) are many, but two very important ones are:

  1. When well optimized it appear on search engines for the kinds of searches you want to be found for (you will get targeted visitors from places like Google)
  2. People will share it on social media, where you can increase your network by getting your name and content out there

So it is crucial that you create very relevant content for your target audience and that you have someone like Ashley (SEO specialist) on board who can determine the kinds of topics, phrases and so on that are worth pursuing.

Secondly, you must learn to negotiate the crazy world of social media and make sure your blog posts (or other content) are shared in the right way. This means often mentioning influential people in your posts and then on social media (usually Twitter). And also including relevant hashtags, so that you can further increase the reach of your content.


We re-launched 4Ento in January 2015 with some existing content and gradually added new posts as the months went by.

Website Visitors

The overall visitors to 4Ento has progressed, quickly at first, and now more steadily to almost 3000 unique visitors per month. And I am told this is quite good for a new website.

Our visitors from search engines has steadily progressed as our well targeted content has started to appear high on Google, and we now get approximately 750 visitors per month from there.

My social media connections have brought in a lot of traffic, and we now see over 1000 visitors a monthly with the majority from Twitter, followed by Facebook and then Scoop.it.

Social Media

As well as the significant number of visitors from social media, I have also continued to build my online followings, especially on Twitter which now is over 1200 followers for my main account. This growth is what has also fueled the social media traffic to the website, amongst other things.


A more recent addition to the site is my newsletter which is sent to people who subscribe to either Food or Feed related information.

This is a very important part of your online presence, because not everyone is into social media or remembers to come back. So the best way to reach people, and the first thing most people check each day is – email. So keep that in mind.

Although this is only beginning, it might form a large part of my visitors, relationships and business in the future.

How Can You Take Advantage of 4Ento For Your Business?

As you can see, 4Ento is establishing itself as the “go to” Ento Feed and Food portal on the internet.

So if you want to get your brand in front of our audience the possibility is there to advertise with 4Ento.

All you need to do is get in touch via the contact form and we will be in touch.

As you can imagine, 4Ento also takes quite a significant amount of time and resources.

So if you would like to support for the Ento cause and the 4Ento website and events in general, you can do so via a donation below.


And Finally

Thank you to all my supporters, helpers, family and friends, for getting us to where we are at 4Ento today.

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