4Ento Food News Roundup: September 2015

4Ento Monthly Food Roundup - September 2015

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September was an exciting month in the edible insect world with a lot going on in terms of legislation (Europe is close to approving a new novel foods law).

Not only that, but we have a whole range of blog posts, publications, upcoming events (local and online) and a new category this month: Crowdfunding. We want to highlight the efforts of up and coming  edible insect entrepreneurs and help raise funds with your support, so don’t forget to check out those!

Ento Posts

September ended with a “one of the kind” event at the EU Parliament – a Demonstration of Novel foods: Workshop on new foods and dishes by Roberto FLORE, Head Chef of Nordic Food Lab, and Afton HALLORAN, GREEiNSECT, University of Copenhagen.

The long-awaited EU novel foods reform is set for October 14 adoption.

(Concerns remain and it has been delayed until Oct 27th)

“Unless there is a shock shift, a full sitting of the 751-seat European Parliament (EP) will soon pass significant reforms to the EU’s now ‘not fit for purpose’ novel foods regulation – but widespread concerns remain”

EFSA insect protein safety assessment imminent 

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is set to publish its risk assessment about the safety of insects for food and feed mid-October.

Edible insects got the warmest welcome in South-West Sweden

Were Virpi’s talk from Invenire was based on her whitepaper: CALL OF THE EDIBLE INSECTS – 5 reasons why edible insect are a business opportunity.

I was invited to participate and it was great to be able to show case to 350 participants within the Swedish food industry, amazing products from great companies like

Edible insect also shined at EXPO Milano 2015 in September

With Pasta and Sauces Made with Edible Insects Tasting at the Belgium Pavilion

CROWDFUNDING – Please help spread the word !!

20 hours to go “Step into the bug revolution: cricket flour pasta”

Cricket flour, the protein of the future. Pasta, the world’s favorite food. Good match, huh?

2 days left “Protein bars made out of insects?

Hell yes! Check out Zoic Bars, made from 100% natural ingredients

12 Days to go “BugWall: rock climbing for sustainable food”

Entomophagy gets vertical to support the edible insect education programs of Little Herds

23 days to go “Farming the Congolese Cricket”

Developing sustainable production methods to build a profitable cricket farm in Africa.

New Publications

Edible Insects the future of foodEdible Insects and the Future of Food: A Foresight Scenario Exercise on Entomophagy and Global Food Security

by Dominic Glover and Alexandra Sexton

Consumer acceptance and willingness to pay for edible insects as food in Kenya: the case of white winged termites

by Mohammed H. Alemu Søren B. Olsen Suzanne E. Vedel Kennedy O. Pambo Victor O. Owino

Conferences Coming Up

Change the food, save the world ! (Free)

Where: Parco Tecnologico Padano, Lodi, Italy

When: Friday, 9 October 2015 from 09:30 to 18:30 (CEST)

World Edible Insect Day

Insects, food for thought and vets

Where: Nieuwegein, Netherlands

When: Friday, 9 October 2015

Taste the Change! World Edible Insect Day #WEID 

Worldwide activities to promote and to show the benefits of edible insects.

When: October 23rd, 2015

The First Finnish Edible Insect Seminar 

For more information contact Esa Vuorenmaa Esa.Vuorenmaa@staff.uta.fi

Edible Insect Workshop – Basics on Insect production & processing, economics and legislation.

Where: Wageningen University and Research Centre Language: English

When: November 3 2015

More info events@insectcentre.com

Fingers Crossed

Just a final word on the upcoming reforms in the EU parliament. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the legislation passes, and it becomes far easier for companies to innovate and expand in the edible insect world!

As always, I hope you enjoyed and roundup, and if you want to let me know of anything I missed or should know about for next month – be sure to get in touch.

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