IPIFF Workshop and Reception

International Platform of Insect for Food and Feed (IPIFF)

Workshop and Reception on “State of the art of the insect sector and latest regulatory developments”
Rennaissance Hotel, Rue de Parnasse 19 Brussels, on Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The objective of this event was to display the professional approach of the IPIFF members to insect rearing and processing as well as the implications of the new novel food regulation on the insect sector. The event was free-of-charge and was held in English.

The event started with introductory speeches by the IPIFF President and Vice-President, and followed by:

  • Mr. Paul Vantomme (Senior Advisor, FAO) presented on the economic and societal opportunities of insects for food and feed consumption;
  • Mr. Tilemachos Goumperis (EFSA) gave an overview of the recent EFSA’s opinion related to production and consumption of insects and outlined EFSA’s involvement in the Novel Food authorisation procedure;
  • Ms. Maria Iglesia Gómez (Head of Unit ‘Novel Food’, European Commission – DG SANTE) outlined the recent developments regarding the EU novel foods regulation and next steps;
  • The IPIFF Secretariat gave a presentation on the implementation of food and feed safety standards by insect producers.

The International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed (IPIFF) is the non-profit organization representing the interests of the insect sector at the EU level. IPIFF aims to make the insect industry prosper by promoting insects as a top-tier source of animal proteins for both human consumption & animal feed.




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