4Ento Feed News Roundup – Q4 2016


It’s been a long time since we last visited your mailbox, but here I am passing by to keep you up to date on the #Insectbased world!

You have heard me say before that the ento-feed sector is relatively quiet compared to the ento-food sector, but when it comes to closing deals and other achievements, HURRAH !!

In 2016 the industry was riding high by winning the “DSM innovations award in Aquaculture”, acquisitions by big corporations like Intrexon and the formation of joint ventures with Darling Ingredients Inc !! Furthermore, gaining Regulatory approval for use in animal feed in Canada, as well as the world’s first commercial piglet feed with insect oil, and Dole’s (Jura) first plant for breeding and processing of large-scale insects getting installed.

Lets not forget to mention this full article in Forbes on their Green Tech #ChangeTheWorld! We can see more and more EU conferences and workshops being held in English, and they are becoming better for networking. And last, but not least, a hand full of successful crowdfunding campaigns (one managed to get to 1.2 million €)  of course there is some very promising “corridor gossip” but I am attached to strict NDAs unfortunately, but stay tuned for when I can talk about it.

Worth and Proud to share with you Aidan’s report : ‘The future for Insect Bioconversion Products in Poultry Feed’ by Dr. Aidan Leek

  • To understand the emerging insect production industry and how it is developing in different areas of the world
  • To identify the opportunities for the UK poultry industry to utilize insect products from experiences in other markets
  • To identify if insects could be a potential solution for waste materials from the poultry industry

And I hope you enjoy as much as I did this great TEDxTAMU from Dr. Jeffery Tomberlin where he discusses the implications of food waste and what his research is showing. His ideas about food waste might surprise you. “Think entomology”. Tales from the Crypt: Harvesting Death for Humanity’s Benefit.




cqx8hllwiaaw28u-jpg-largeAround the corner 5th International Feed Conference, jointly organised by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JRC-IRMM), the Walloon Agricultural Research Centre (CRA-W) and the RIKILT Wageningen UR (Institute of Food Safety).
The organisers hope to welcome you in October 2016 and look forward to a great conference at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) in Geel, Belgium.


international-insect-centerEdible Insect Seminar & Workshop

Website: Edible Insect Seminar

Email: events@insectcentre.com

When: December 8 (9.00 – 18.00) & December 9 (9.30 – 17.30)

Where: Wageningen University, Netherlands

Workshop content

  • Basics on insect biology in relation to rearing
  • Insects and its market potential
  • Insect production: Current status of production and technology
  • Legislation, safety and quality
  • Excursion to HAS and InsectLab (research facility)
  • Insect Business creation

The lecturers are from Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR), HAS University of Applied Sciences and NGN.

Who should attend

Any company which wants to start in the insect sector for feed and food on a commercial base or businesses related to insect rearing for feed and food can benefit from this workshop.

NEXT YEAR- Insecta 2017

insecta2016Insecta – International Symposium on Insects as Feed, Food and Non-Food

This September was amazing!

A total of 135 participants from 24 countries, including Canada, Israel, China, Russia and South Africa came to Magdeburg to discuss the latest status of research, resources and constraints on the insects use.

We were especially excited about the presentations of the two keynote speakers – Professor Arnold van Huis of the FAO and Prof. Andreas Vilcinskas from the LOEWE center.


Next INSECTA 2017 will take place in Berlin in English on

When: September 7th and 8th 2017

Tel.: +49 (0)391 8189-131

Fax:  +49 (0)391 8189-180

E-Mail: info@insecta-conference.com

Website: www.insecta-conference.com


euEU – NO dramatic opposition to the DG SANTE proposals for authorizing insect PAPs as animal feed have been expressed by any Member State, BUT several of them expressed concerns as how to ensure that insects and or feed containing insects actually originate from the 6 species to be authorized in Europe and/or are only fed with substrates which are authorized the EU(i.e. plant based materials.)
So if you are Involved with Edible Insects as a source of protein for FEED and serious about its safety, regulatory ? You should consider joining IPPIF, not only to profit from the work that has been done until now but to contribute with the means and the support that is STILL needed to move forward with the exhausting and tedious tasks coming ahead.

For those in the EU who are seriously involved with Edible Insects as a source of protein for feed and serious about it’s safety and regulation…

ipiffYou should seriously consider joining the IPPIF, not only to profit from the work that has been done until now but to contribute and support what is STILL needed to move things forward. There are many exhausting and tedious tasks coming ahead, so please quit pussyfooting around and commit once and for all.

This are IPIFF main activities:

  1. Disseminate knowledge and information about the insect sector to stakeholders and the wider public
  2. Encourage collaboration amongst our members, developing shared standards and collaborative R&D.
  3. Advocate for appropriate legislative frameworks on the use of insects in food and feed.

Website: (http://www.ipiff.org/contact)

Or directly ( Members ONLY)

Secretary-General: Christophe Derrien

tel: +32 (0)2 743 29 97

mobile: +32 (0)4 86 44 94 76

mail: christophe.derrien@ipiff.org

I kindly remind you that Christopher Is a very busy person!

Note: Before contacting him, check the material you have at your disposial within the member’s area.

ASEAN Set Up Food and Feed Insects Association

Countries in the ASEAN* region have set up a Food and Feed Insects Association (AFFIA). With AFFIA, those involved in insect application for feed and food join forces.

Using insects for feed and food is a young sector in the ASEAN region. The mission and aim of AFFIA is to bring industry and research stakeholders from the insects sector in a collaborative movement towards the development of entomoculture, entomophagy and their related activities. For more information please contact anne.deguerry@entofood.com

Read full article here.

IRBI Looking For Professor Candidates

irbiIRBI and the University of Tours is looking for candidates at the professor level for a position likely to open next year. In terms of research, we are particularly looking to attract a researcher interested in insects as food and feed.

We would be grateful if you could pass it on to anyone who might be interested. Requests for further information should be addressed to David Giron, the director of IRBI at directeur.irbi@univ-tours.fr

Thank you Paul Vantomme and Dr. Elisabeth Herniou (Chargé de Recherche Institut de Recherche sur la Biologie de l’Insecte) for passing of the information !

A Call For Help To Support China To Host A Global Insect Conference

by Ken Chong

“…..support, it depends if we “match” the policy /strategic development needs of the Chinese government. And it’s possible to get governmental supports and also public sponsors.”

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