4Ento Food News Roundup – Q4 2016


Long time no write!

Freelancing and managing my teenage son’s schedule is exhausting but I am never to far away, and always committed to Edible Insects!

I have continued to share with you over the social channels every piece of news or events (within my reach) in the past 3 quarters of 2016. I won’t be doing a summary of them as I fear it will take the “new” out of the newsletter. Instead, let’s focus on what is new.

Is has been and exiting 2016 so far for our sector.

  • Insect Detroit, the first international edible insect conference in the US was a great success with the presence of the North American Edible Insect Coalition.
  • EU conferences and workshops are also being held bilingually, and getting bigger and better!
  • Dozens of successful crowdfunding campaigns, amazing new white papers and products have been launched !!
  • Ento-Organizations are getting stronger and getting results

…. and so much happening BEHING THE SCENES of course 😉




Bugs at Festival Alimenterre

When: 13 Oct 2016 to 27 Oct 2016
Where: Festival Alimenterre, Brussels

On October 13th and for the next two weeks BUGS will be screening all over Belgium as part of the Festival Alimenterre. The first screening will be in Brussels.

world-edible-insect-day2World Edible Insect Day

Website: World Edible Insect Day

Date: 23 October

I want to take your immediate attention to the fact that we are few days away from #WEID!

Are you ready?

Share the event with your community!!

  • Coordinate with your country’s press officer (or become one)
  • Remember to use the hashtag #WEID2016 #WorldEdibleInsectDay #TasteTheChange
  • Lets make Google Trends go nuts on that day 😉

If for what ever reason you can’t organize an event in your area or be part of one, at least support those who are via social media !!! 😉

chefandbuglogo-photo4-300x300The Chef and The Bug

Where: Bangkok

When: October 25th

Website: The Chef and the Bug

“The chef and the bug. Talking about insects. Then eating them.”

Bangkok on the Novel Food Regulation and the Special Case of Insects

Where: Bangkok

When: October 26th

For more information please contact

Nathan Preteseille nathan.preteseille@aets-consultants.com

or Novelfoodeu@gmail.com

with subject: “Attention to Nat”


Food Matters Live

Website: Food Matters Live

Where: London

When: 22nd – 24th November, 2016

Current insect food companies include Cro Bar by Gathr, Jimini’s, Micronutris, Woven, C Fu Foods, Mophagy, Bingham & Jones, Eat Grub, The Proper Food Project and hopefully many more coming on board before the show in November.

Have a good show everybody !

Lets go visit, and make some noise over the social channels 😉


international-insect-centerEdible Insect Seminar & Workshop

Website: Edible Insect Seminar

Email: events@insectcentre.com

When: December 8 (9.00 – 18.00) & December 9 (9.30 – 17.30)

Where: Wageningen University, Netherlands

Workshop content

  • Basics on insect biology in relation to rearing
  • Insects and its market potential
  • Insect production: Current status of production and technology
  • Legislation, safety and quality
  • Excursion to HAS and InsectLab (research facility)
  • Insect Business creation

The lecturers are from Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR), HAS University of Applied Sciences and NGN.

Who should attend

Any company which wants to start in the insect sector for feed and food on a commercial base or businesses related to insect rearing for feed and food can benefit from this workshop.


ipiffFor those in the EU who are seriously involved with Edible Insects as a source of protein for feed or food’s safety, regulation etc.

You should seriously consider joining the IPPIF (International Producers of Insects for Food and Feed), not only to profit from the work that has been done until now but to contribute and support what is STILL needed to move things forward. There are many exhausting and tedious tasks coming ahead, so please quit pussyfooting around and commit once and for all.

This are IPIFF main activities:

  1. Disseminate knowledge and information about the insect sector to stakeholders and the wider public
  2. Encourage collaboration amongst our members, developing shared standards and collaborative R&D.
  3. Advocate for appropriate legislative frameworks on the use of insects in food and feed.

Website: (http://www.ipiff.org/contact)

Or directly ( Members ONLY)

Secretary-General: Christophe Derrien

tel: +32 (0)2 743 29 97

mobile: +32 (0)4 86 44 94 76

mail: christophe.derrien@ipiff.org

I kindly remind you that Christopher Is a very busy person!

Note: Before contacting him, check the material you have at your disposial within the member’s area.

If you need info or have and an ento-inquiry you can always turn for help to the our growing FACEBOOK community !!!


Western bug eaters

Europe Entomophagy

Entomophagy 1 

Entomophagy 2

Missouri Entomophagy

Food Insects Newsletter

Insect Europe Group


Insect Rearing


Entomophagy UK

Insectes Comestibles

If a have missed one kindly let me know !

ASEAN Set Up Food and Feed Insects Association

Countries in the ASEAN* region have set up a Food and Feed Insects Association (AFFIA). With AFFIA, those involved in insect application for feed and food join forces.

Using insects for feed and food is a young sector in the ASEAN region. The mission and aim of AFFIA is to bring industry and research stakeholders from the insects sector in a collaborative movement towards the development of entomoculture, entomophagy and their related activities. For more information please contact anne.deguerry@entofood.com

Read full article here.

EU or Brexit when it comes to Network, you need to pay attention AND FOLLOW the work of UK WOVEN

downloadWOVEN (Facebook)

Woven Website



IRBI and the University of Tours is looking for candidates at the professor level for a position likely to open next year. In terms of research, we are particularly looking to attract a researcher interested in insects as food and feed.

We would be grateful if you could pass it on to anyone who might be interested. Requests for further information should be addressed to David Giron, the director of IRBI at directeur.irbi@univ-tours.fr

Thank you Paul Vantomme and Dr. Elisabeth Herniou (Chargé de Recherche Institut de Recherche sur la Biologie de l’Insecte) for passing of the information !


lentomofagoI can’t go on with out acknowledging and thanking publicly the amazing work of Lorenzo Pezzato is doing on his Italian/English blog – L’Entomofago

An amazing journalistic communication project addresses and open to all subjects and all topics for consumers, for entrepreneurs, for institutional players and for those who are simply curious.

Thank you Direttore!!


eatEdible insects Suppliers and Researchers !! Lee goes one year on an Edible Insect diet !

If you want to partially sponsor the project or be able to look over the lab test results in order to integrate them to the ongoing ento proof of concept!!

Lee Primeau is an Experimental Freelance Nutritionist getting ready  for « The One Year Meal Replacement Experiment ». The experiment involves consuming 100% meal replacement shakes for one year while undergoing and taking rigorous medical testing. He will publish the results on both his dedicated blog and youtube.com channel.

His ultimate goal is to become a non-biased, spokesperson (from a dietary point of view) of the edible insect industry. This experiment would began June 2017

Blog: https://eathealthleeblog.wordpress.com/2016/02/02/the-one-year-meal-replacement-experiment/

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWBfYPUmXJ4jnSTmhglpchA


bug-road-tripTheBugsRoadTrip is aiming to promote edible insect consumption. Charlotte Goessant is travelling across Thailand to meet specialists and other local stakeholders to better understand why it is important to change our minds about insects.

You can follow my edible insects’ experience:





Feel free to write her for any questions or.. reactions!

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