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4ento communicates and disseminates accurate data and insights through its portal, offering accessible research reports, case studies and books. This portal uses relevant digital media to reach audiences who can learn about and help accelerate, both locally and globally, the use of insects as alternative sources of food, feed and non-food to help protect the environment.

With an emphasis on (its) online presence, 4ento provides cutting edge insights, content and social media support to the entire sector, INCLUDING academia, government and industry, a commitment required to accelerate the sector’s place in the mainstream.

4ento adds or expands, curates, and ensures knowledge is accessible through an online information source dedicated to provide the latest news and unique insight on all environmental insect-related subjects.

Since its launch, the portal has emphasized the relevance of a cooperative and community model based on green economy concepts, because ECO-responsible business sits at the center of opportunity and responsible transitions.

4Ento is independently owned and is here to serve the best interests of the environment and the consumers. + Does not receive funds from any institutional/government sources and must finance its services through fees charged.

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