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PPM and ATB provide an international expert’s platform on insects as food, feed and non-food Topics Technical, commercial, ecological, political and ethical issues of insect utilization were discussed, in particular: Insects production systems Rearing substrate optimisation Established production systems Mass rearing systems, industrialisation Automation Application of insects as feed Nutrient composition Use for pets, in aquaculture and for farm animals Feed safety Utilization of insects as food Processing and fractionation Use in gastronomy and food retailing Food safety Evaluation of the use of insects Consumer acceptance Ecologic and economic assessment Status of legislation Ethical issues Non-food applications of insects Insect[...]
Ce qui a déclenché votre intérêt pour les insectes comestibles? Pourquoi les vers de farine en particulier? Quand nous avons démarré en 2011, à part quelques scientifiques dans des laboratoires de recherches universitaires, tout le monde disait : “Les insectes sont formidables au niveau nutritionnel et leur élevage a un très faible impact sur l’environnement. Ce seront certainement les aliments du future !”. On a entendu cela depuis trente ou quarante ans ! Et le future n’était jamais là … Anne et moi nous sommes dit “Le future c’est maintenant ! Les insectes alimentaires, c’est bien d’en parler, mais il faut surtout passer à l’action[...]
Swiss Food Research 2nd Meeting of the Innovation Group Insects for Feed & Food Was in June 15th , you can see the program here. Topics were: What’s going on in Europe – A status from Prof. Leen van Campenhout What are the results from the finished EU Project PROTEINSECT? How sustainable are Insects? An assessment from Prof. Alexander Mathys Keep an eye for future events.   For more information you can contact: Dr. Peter Braun (peter.braun@swissfoodresearch.ch) CEO Swiss Food Research Association for the Promotion of Research and Innovation Geb. LFO E 19 Schmelzbergstrasse 9 8092 Zürich  
On May 26-28, 2016, Detroit hosted at Wayne State University, a three-day, international, interdisciplinary conference on the topic of insects as food and feed. This was the first conference dedicated solely to edible insects to be held in the U.S.! You can read their press release here. FEATURED SPEAKERS Ana C. Day (4ento, Switzerland) Meghan Curry (Bug Vivant) Jarrod Goldin (Entomo Farms, Canada) Paul Vantomme (FAO, Italy) Jeff Tomberlin (Texas A&M Dept of Entomology) Pat Crowley (Chapul) Ricardo Carvajal)     THANKS TO THEIR PRESENTERS Marianne Shockley David George Gordon Robert Nathan Allen Kiah Brasch Lee Cadesky (Canada) Santtu Vekkeli[...]
We got the authorization to share with you the “behind the scenes” of Team 4ento getting ready for a private event held on Sunday May 1st 2016 at 3t by Steph – Le mont Sur Lausanne / Switzerland. (No guests are shown in the pictures) Sponsored by 4ento and Partners. Team 4e Event Manager: Marlen Ramos A special Thank to Chef Arnaud Hugon & Chef Stéphane Goubin Chef Patissier Eric Desbois Photo credits to: Gorgeous Wiktoria Bosc  
About the hosts: PROteINSECT was an EU funded FP7 project enabling the exploitation of insects as a sustainable source of protein for animal feed and human nutrition (PROteINSECT Grant Agreement Number: 312084). PROteINSECT brought together expertise from China, Africa and Europe to encourage and enable the adoption of fly larvae protein into animal feed around the world. The PROteINSECT project had 12 partners from 7 countries and was co-ordinated by the Fera Science Ltd in the United Kingdom. PROteINSECT research focused on five key areas in order to evaluate insects as a novel source of protein for animal feed and to[...]
International Platform of Insect for Food and Feed (IPIFF) Workshop and Reception on “State of the art of the insect sector and latest regulatory developments” Rennaissance Hotel, Rue de Parnasse 19 Brussels, on Tuesday, 26 April 2016 The objective of this event was to display the professional approach of the IPIFF members to insect rearing and processing as well as the implications of the new novel food regulation on the insect sector. The event was free-of-charge and was held in English. The event started with introductory speeches by the IPIFF President and Vice-President, and followed by: Mr. Paul Vantomme (Senior[...]

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