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Imago Generation


Care to be part of an IMAGO Generation?

Uncomfortable….For some of us it is deeper than others, but we all have a relationship with Nature. Our world population continues to grow exponentially, putting accelerated demands on Planet Earth, our home, and just as past generations, in their ignorance, exploited nature by wiping out forests, so we are doing more of the same (just faster), polluting the soil and waterways, endangering ecosystems and causing species to become vulnerable or extinct.

Fortunately, our children, the children of today, are more environmentally aware, which is a good beginning, and are becoming instruments for teaching their elders about how to preserve our planet´s resources, to be better stewards of our legacy.

4ento’s ”Be an Imago Generation” proposition stands for making real the concept of respect for our home planet, its resources and the rights of future generations , hopefully materialising it into actions during their life.

Being aware, and then spreading a relationship approach with the several alternative OPPORTUNITIES (including Insect-based nutrition) as important sources for problem solving, is the jump start for implementing a healthier and more sustainable environment . Incorporating the values of respect and appreciation for the planet which is our home, throughout communities and neighbourhoods, is the key to our future.


“Be an Imago Generation, a Generation that learns how humans affect the environment as well as how the environment affects them.” Ana


Hatch & Act… Become part of a better world you have helped to make.



Energy, let’s save it!


FAO Kids advocate for pulses

“Five superheroes with mundane superpowers– e.g. abundant empathy, vast knowledge, and boundless social skills. Their mission is to eradicate hunger and malnutrition, eliminate poverty and ensure sustainable use of natural resources in order to make the world a better place.”


Cartoon Book on Conservation Agriculture

Submitted by Lea Michalczik on Tue, 12/02/2013 – 11:43
This carton book is a training resource provided by the Conservation Agriculture Team of FAO and the China Agricultural University illustrating the principles of Conservation Agriculture (CA).


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