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September was an exciting month in the edible insect world with a lot going on in terms of legislation (Europe is close to approving a new novel foods law). Not only that, but we have a whole range of blog posts, publications, upcoming events (local and online) and a new category this month: Crowdfunding. We want to highlight the efforts of up and coming  edible insect entrepreneurs and help raise funds with your support, so don’t forget to check out those! Ento Posts September ended with a “one of the kind” event at the EU Parliament – a Demonstration of Novel[...]
Every business wants to be successful, and in today’s world that usually means both online and offline (aka “the real world”). The problem is that although most of us use the internet all day, every day, and often think we are website or social media experts (Facebook anyone?). However, in reality, making an impact on the internet is far harder than you may realise. So in this post I want to show you what it takes to grow your business online, achieve your goals and get the help you need to succeed! 4Ento’s History I have long been a very active member of[...]
  The Ento industry never stands still, and this month we have an amazing, globe-covering list of posts, articles, videos and more. So go grab a coffee, and move to your favorite armchair for some Ento-filled news! Ento Articles Edible Insects on every corner of the planet!! Is has been a great month for edible insects in the news, from Australia to Costa Rica or from Israel to Colombia! Then, passing by Italy, Switzerland and the United States! Australia: Crickets are Like Tofu, They Absorb Flavor – A Woman Supplying Restaurants with Edible Insects An Entrepreneur(ess) in Sydney is supplying bugs[...]
The edible insect market is flourishing and there are already a number of companies out there pushing the boundaries in the industry. In fact, even though most consumers may not yet realize it, there are already edible insect products on the shelves (both physical and virtual). However, despite these amazing achievements, there is still a long way to go in order to bring mainstream business and consumers on board. So we at 4Ento are grateful to have teamed up an amazing marketing agency called Invenire to dig deep and uncover all the facts on the edible insect market. The plan…an in-depth industry report[...]
Last week I was asked to take part in a panel on Meat Consumption Disruption at the inaugural Food Innovation Summit 2015, in Brussels. It was an amazing and inspiring opportunity to hear about the latest innovations in the food industry, as well the challenges and issues we face concerning food security and more sustainable future in food sourcing and production. We captured insights and impressions from the summit in this Storify. Below are a few takeaways and ideas from the sessions I attended. Phil Hogan, EU commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Keynote speech: Ensuring sustainable food security despite climate and natural resource scarcity: a[...]
The following are 8 Fun Facts About Insects that we have collected for you in a lovely slide deck. Did you know that insects are an excellent source of high quality protein? They are! There are probably a lot of things that you didn’t know about insects and how they are paving the way for a more sustainable food-source in our future. Let us know if you have any to add!   8 Crunchy Facts About Insects – You Probably Didn’t Know [SlideDeck] 1. You need 22,000 Liters to produce 1 kilo of beef, and 1 Liter to produce 1[...]

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