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Welcome to the last roundup of 2015! This month brings us a flood of crowd funding campaigns, showing how much the Ento world is booming right now. So head on over to the ones that take your fancy, and help them reach their goals. Even a small donation can really help. There are also some inspiring new TEDx talks, some interesting publications and of course our in-depth coverage of the new changes to the EU Laws. Ento Posts The most exciting thing to happen in the insect world all year – a decision from the EU on allowing insects as[...]
September was an exciting month in the edible insect world with a lot going on in terms of legislation (Europe is close to approving a new novel foods law). Not only that, but we have a whole range of blog posts, publications, upcoming events (local and online) and a new category this month: Crowdfunding. We want to highlight the efforts of up and coming  edible insect entrepreneurs and help raise funds with your support, so don’t forget to check out those! Ento Posts September ended with a “one of the kind” event at the EU Parliament – a Demonstration of Novel[...]
Summer is almost over, but that does not mean the Ento world slows down. There is more happening than ever, and all over the world. I hope you enjoy the latest in Ento Food, and if you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to get in touch. Ento News From Around The World Switzerland consecrated a space to Swiss Entomophagy in august. An extended overview of the issues to be resolved, and the passion and commitment from companies like ESSENTO & serious breeders like ENTOMOS ! Read about numerous subjects including the Lobby side with the liberal Green party lawmaker from Canton Vaud, Isabelle Chevalley , She is[...]

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