TEDx Videos (Page 2)

Bugs Save the World

Glen Courtright | TEDxFurmanU

Eating insects

Peter De Batist at TEDxFlanders



Eating Bugs

David Gracer at TEDxCambridge 2010

Le criquet, le nouveau homard ?

Julia et Sarah Berdugo | TEDxParisSalon



Changer la production alimentaire à pas de mouches

Raphaël Smia | TEDxParis

What if this device could change your eating habits?

Katharina Unger | TEDxVienna



Can crickets save the world?

Leslie Ziegler | TEDxHackney

Why I love eating insects and why you will too

Búi Aðalsteinsson | TEDxReykjavik



Why eating bugs will soon become
the new normal

Jenny Josephs | TEDxSouthamptonUniversity

Entomophagy – Edibles Bugs are a Healthy and Sustainable Food

Wendy Lu McGill | TEDxRiNo